Saturday, April 3, 2010


So, this is the first post. I guess I'm supposed to be all witty and pithy here, making comments about the meaning of life, etc.

Whatevs, as all the cool kids say these days.

I'm gonna talk about what you're going to find here.

Here, you're going to find ruminations on various gaming stuff. Mostly about my Malaster game, a 1st edition (if somewhat... okay, maybe more than somewhat... house ruled version, anyways) Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game. There might be game session reports. There will likely be commentary about what I found working - and not working - with the system, house rules, and the like. There might be poetry.*

There will also be stuff about Bright-Eyed & Bushy-Tailed, a hopeful, if not downright optimistic, science-fiction campaign setting (rules system unknown, publishing date, if any, undecided). Before you ask - yes, that is a working title. No, it's not likely to be called that to start with.

On the topic of science fiction, there's also Wobbler (yes, another working title) - that's a potential game for the fall, a skiffy operatic universe that is distinctly inspired by a lot of stuff, but particularly Star Frontiers, set in a chunk of space accidentally colonized by Terra starting in the twelfth-to-twenty-second centuries. Yes, that does make sense. Sort of. Wormholes are annoying that way. No, this does not mean time travel is involved. Sort of.

*There will be no poetry. Limericks are not poetry.

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