Friday, April 1, 2011

A-Z for Malaster, 2011 - Introduction.

A-to-Z Blogging Challenge

So, like many (over a thousand), I'm taking part in the A-Z Blogging challenge this year. Mainly, this is to try and kick-start my blog back into sentience, after a few haphazard attempts at startup.

So, each day of April (except Sundays), I will post at least one blog entry regarding Malaster, and gaming in general, with a theme based around the next letter of the alphabet. So today is the 1st, which is A (A is A - remember that, or Ayn Rand will cry. Or something). A posting might be one topic, or several. It might be short, or long. But it will be posted every day. 

I hope.

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WiFilibrarian said...

Welcome to the challenge. My motivations for starting the challenge are similar to yours, to kick start life into my blog for the new year, as I've been a bit neglectful. I have played D&D once, about 13 years ago, so I get the principles but would like to hear more about your game, how you actually write it. Good luck with the challenge.